Steel Partners Foundation is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor for the PASG Conference 2019. Steel Partners Foundation has donated $10K to the Parental Alienation Study Group for the Third International Conference, PASG 2019 in Philadelphia on September 12-14, 2019.

The study on child alignment has allowed distinguished expert professionals in the fields of psychology and medicine to conduct research on a family dynamic known as  child alignment, a situation in which a child has aligned with one parent and is either resisting contact with, or has rejected, the other parent.  While in some cases a child may have a reasonable reason for resisting contact with a parent, in other cases there is no reasonable or legitimate reason, in which it may reflect indoctrination or manipulation by one parent to induce the child to reject the other.  Commonly known as parental alienation, such indoctrination or manipulation is a form of psychological and emotional abuse.

PASG 2019 conference was a three-day event that focused on various aspects of parental alienation.  By all accounts, it was an excellent three-day conference.  On day 2 of the conference, there were separate tracks for parents and grandparents, practitioners, lawyers, and researchers.  Overall there were about 160 participants physically present in the hotel ballroom; and about 70 individuals who streamed the presentations online.  The participants represented 17 countries.

The conference was attended by 4 sets of documentary filmmakers, who recorded some of the presentations and interviewed a number of the presenters. The conference was attended by an experienced journalist who has been working on a lengthy article about parental alienation for a major U.S. publication, which should be coming out in December.